J's Racing 60RS RSX Axle Back (Modified)

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60RS AXLE-BACK: Spare axle-back off our shop RSX.  J's Racing 60RS axle back is constructed of 1.2mm thick 304 SUS diameter of 60mm with an attractive burnt dolphin tip and muffler.  In stock form of course, this axle back is meant to bolt-on to OEM/stock midpipe which means it has a 60mm donut flange.  Most people choosing to run this will not have a stock mid-pipe (if you want to make any power, that is) so we chose to modify it, read below. 

MODIFIED: We modified the axle back by chopping off the donut flange, welding a 70mm Vibrant flange in place which is clocked properly to fit most aftermarket mid-pipes.  Welds are very clean and professionally done, this was not welded by a "muffler shop".  On our RSX, this piece was bolted to Invidia Q300 piping which allowed us to swap between the quiet Q300 axle-back and the 60RS for a louder exhaust sound.  Modifications may be required to fit your specific application, sold as-is.  Pictures of fitment are shown on our RSX.

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