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*RTS* *B-STOCK* 06-11 Honda Civic Coupe Headlights

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  • $ 456.00
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Ready to ship, unused, B-stock headlights for 06-11 / 8th gen Honda Civic Coupe.

These headlights came in and had lens covers with slight defects but have no impact on performance.  Not noticeable unless looking up close.  Priced at ~20% off MSRP. 

Sold as-is and priced accordingly, these headlights do not come with our warranty.

Build Details:
B-Grade OE-style headlights
Mini H1 bixenon projector retrofit
Mini Gatling Gun shrouds
VA x Hexacomb lens etching
Yellow High Beam tinting
Satin Black low beam reflector bowl painting
Ceramic Coated

HID Kit Optional, add a Morimoto HID kit for $150 or use your own H1 HIDs.