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*RTS* Volkswagen Jetta (MK5 2005-2011) D2S Projector Headlights

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  • $ 577.50
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*RTS* Ready to ship, pre-built set of headlights. No wait, no rainchecks, no changing the components. These are built as-is and sold as-is. What you see is what you get.

Pre-owned/Used Volkswagen Jetta MK5 (05-11) OEM-style headlights retrofitted with Q5-R D2S 3" projectors (similar to Mini D2S 4.0), covered with Bullet shrouds. These have been refurbished with brand new lens covers.  No broken tabs.  100% functional.  Includes a used but working Morimoto XB35 D2S 5500K HID kit, or an option to remove the HID kit if you want to use your own.

This set is priced 30% less than a brand new build.  Sold as-is, no warranty, but expect no issues.