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Acura RSX (2005-2006) RLX Jewel Eye Package

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Due to the ever increasing popularity of our first ever "Jewel Eye" headlights, we are extending our production of the RLX Jewel Eye headlights for your 2005-2006 Acura RSX.  Limited availability.

We are keeping the production on these low because we want them to be unique and displayed on quality builds. The availability of parts is also low. Acquiring a pair of these headlight cores for retrofitting is often a daunting task in itself. Finally, the amount of labor and modification to the original headlight required to fit these is much more involved than a traditional retrofit.

International shipping is available for additional fees. Contact us for information.

Please note these headlights are for LHD/USDM vehicles, the RLX Jewel Eyes are US DOT beam pattern.  You will lose high beam functionality with this product, this is a LOW BEAM ONLY retrofit.  These headlights may not be street legal / pass inspection, make sure you are informed about your local jurisdictional road laws.  All sales are final.

Read: Instructions & Documentation

Technical Information:
- 2014+ Acura RLX LED low beam units
- Retains OE turn signal and parking light bulbs
- High beams are deleted, these headlights have no high beam function 
- Inner bezel is trimmed for clearance
- Bezel on RLX painted gloss black to match
- LED drivers are pigtailed and socketed
- 9006->H1 adapters included for PNP wiring
 - Retains factory adjustment and horizontally level cutoff
- 100% functional retrofit, not a static-fit or "for show only"

Optional Modifications: 
Due to the design of the RLX LED projectors, LED modifications such as "Demon Eyes" cannot be added to these headlights.  Built and sold as shown.

Payment Plan: 
Use this option to spread out your payments.  A nonrefundable 50% deposit is due up front.  Remaining 50% will be invoiced when you are ready and can be paid off in however many increments required.  We start building the lights once you have paid in full.  You can also use PayPal Credit to pay for our products (6 months interest free and other financing options).

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