RSX Headlight Spares

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HEADLIGHT SPARE PARTS: We get it.  Retrofitting for beginners seems like a daunting task but we've got you covered with spare parts in case you mess something up, or simply need some spares to refresh up the internals.  The ability to retrofit a spare set of internals, swap them into your housings, and keep your OEM internals as backups is also a huge plus!

HOW DO WE GET THESE: Yep, you guessed it.  These parts are generally never sold separately, you will have to buy an entire new headlight assembly to obtain internal parts.  With the amount of RSX headlights coming in and out of our hands, we have amassed quite a bit of spare internal parts, sometimes we simply do not need them to complete a certain type of headlight build.  These parts are saved to the side as spares and we are able to get them to DIY builders and pass the cost savings to you!

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