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StopTech Rotor & Pad Kit

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Exact, quality, properly spec'd rotors and pads for our TL-S Caliper Kit.  Ships separately from the caliper kit.  


The StopTech rotors and pads are our recommended setup for street, daily, and light track use.  Pair this rotor and pad combo kit with your TL-S Caliper Kit order and you have everything you need to install!  This rotor+pad combo includes StopTech Rotors and StopTech Street Pads.  Contact us if you want Sport pads.

Your specific vehicle application may vary and these may not fit the bill for you.  We will be adding other brands & more aggressive pad compounds later on.  Until then, feel free to order anywhere else.  The great thing about our kit is that there are a ton of pad/rotor choices because the application is for a factory vehicle.

Make sure you purchase rotors and pads that fit 06-08 Acura TL, with front Brembo calipers.  That's it!