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TL-S Caliper Kit

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Made To Order Item: Lead Time 2-3 weeks

Check out more photos in our TL-S Caliper Kit Album!

Street and track proven, beautifully powdercoated calipers of your color choice.  Huge pad to rotor surface contact, better heat dissipation, perfect for your daily driven, track, or show car.  Our TL-S Caliper Kit is a turn-key solution for an affordably priced Big Brake Kit using off the shelf rotors and pads perfectly mated together as Honda intended.  No permanent modifications required to your vehicle, our kit is 100% reversible.  No need to spend thousands of dollars on aftermarket brake kits or buying "JDM" brands then having to spend hundreds on hard to find pads.  The only components you need to finish out this conversion are rotors and pads found on 2006-2008 Acura TL Type-S vehicles, easily found at your local auto parts store or your favorite aftermarket part store website.  We recommend www.autoanything.com.

How to Order:
- Got your own calipers?  Purchase Modification Service Only.
- Purchase Complete Kit if you want us to supply the calipers.
- Contact Us for our current inventory of powdercoat colors.
- Don't like any?  Find a color code at PrismaticPowders.com.
- Enter color code in Order Notes section before checkout.
- There is an additional $25 charge to order powder.

 Our product fits most all 5-lug Honda/Acura models.  Confirmed models so far: 8/9th Civic, RSX, S2000, TSX, 7/8/9th Accord, etc.  Contact Us if you have questions about your specific application.  BBK friendly wheels are most likely to clear the new larger caliper.  Typically lower offset wheels will clear just fine.  Wheel designs do also play a factor in the clearance, every make/specification/design is slightly different.  You will need approximately 4" of clearance between the wheel spokes to the caliper mounting face on the knuckle, click here for a photo which should be self explanatory.

Hub Information: TL-S rotors require a 5.488" hub flange diameter or smaller.  If your vehicle utilizes a larger hub flange such as 5.75", the TL-S rotors will not fit.  You will be required to swap to a smaller diameter hub or find a different rotor for this application (not recommended).

Complete Kit Includes: 
- TL-S 4-piston Calipers, Remanufactured or Used Cores
     » Calipers milled to our specs
     » Calipers re-threaded (no need to drill your knuckle)
- 4x OEM caliper bolts to fit the new threads
- 2x Stainless Steel Rotor Shims (perfectly centers your TL-S rotors within the caliper)
- 2x "BREMBO" or "ACURA" Decals (only included with powdercoating service)

Modification Service Only: Requires you to send in a pair of TL-S calipers.  Remanufactured or OEM is fine.  Please only send calipers themselves, we do not need any hardware and definitely do not send pads.  We will perform and provide the exact same modifications and hardware for your calipers.  Our address to ship the calipers will be provided once order is placed and cleared.

Powdercoating: Is not required but is necessary if you want a factory-new finish.  If no powdercoating is added to your Caliper Kit, they will come to you in raw aluminum finish.  We have a 1 or 2-coat powdercoat option - certain colors require 2 coats of powder to achieve the desired color effect.  Contact us for our in-stock colors.

Rebuild: For customers purchasing Modification Service Only and sending in used calipers, our rebuild service is a great option.  Used calipers often have nasty, gunked up and/or torn dust seals which may allow debris get onto the pistons housing.  You do not want this.  Our rebuild service option includes a complete overhaul of all seals, internal and external (dust boots, crossover seal, and piston seals).  Highly recommended if you want a truly complete refresh of your used calipers.  Rebuild option is not necessary for our Complete Kit because these calipers have new seals already.  

Required and Optional Parts: Rotors and pads are not included.  Rotors and pads must be TL-S Brembo specification parts, can be any brand as long as they are the Brembo spec parts.  OEM brake lines will work however most of our customers choose to upgrade to Stainless Steel lines while they are doing a brake overhaul.  If you choose to get SS lines, purchase for your vehicle chassis, do not purchase TL-S lines.