Voltex/J's Racing Wingstands

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Want to raise your GT wing to new heights? We now offer a solution to do just that. Our extended GT Wing Risers Brackets are available in several different sizing options, materials, finishes, and bracket types for common wing manufacturers.

Choose from Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, or Titanium. Your wingstands can be painted, cerakoted, or anodized to fit your personal tastes and preferences. 

100% made-in-the-USA using high quality composites and metals, CNC cut on an industrial high power laser machine, this product is cut to extremely precise tolerances and specifications. 

Our wingstands have correct thickness using proper gauge material--we don't cheap out and use a thinner material just to cut production costs and bring the price down like the "hardparker special" brackets out on the market.  Go with our product and you'll have a rock-solid bracket that will not flex on the track, will not be weaker than the stock, and we guarantee a 100% factory fit and attractive finished appearance.

Note: Anodized Titanium wingstands are hand anodized and the process is highly randomized, thus finished colors may vary.  Expect varying degrees of blue and purple within the metal when finished.  Two sets are shown for your reference.

Need a custom size or design? Contact Us for a quote.