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Jewel Eye Headlights

These headlights are Limited Production headlights of ours limited to 10 sets for each chassis.  Number of remaining spots left will be shown on the product page.  Products showing DISCONTINUED/SOLD OUT means we have received payment for all 10 sets, no more will be sold.  Headlight packages may be reintroduced if we see a popular demand for them but it is best to get your order in quick.  Parts are hard to come by and will not be here forever.  If you are interested in owning a set of these highly custom headlights, do not sleep on them, they will sell out As always, these are made-to-order.

If you are interested in possibly obtaining a jewel eye retrofit for your vehicle that is not currently offered here, our Jewel Eye Prototyping Program may interest you.  Contact Us with your vehicle make/model for more information, program terms and agreement.  Jewel Eye retrofitting is highly dependent upon available space within the original headlights to accommodate the LED assembly, if the headlights are physically too small to fit the LED assembly, it is impossible to build.  Use your judgment here before inquiring, thank you.