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Acura RDX (2013-2015) Headlight Package

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This is a headlight package for your Acura RDX (2013-2015 TB3).  We build these on brand new OE-style halogen headlights or can make the upgrades on your OEM headlights.  After our modifications, your headlights will have much improved lighting performance and customized styling, best of both worlds.

Acura's 2nd gen RDX (TB3) came standard from the factory with either halogen or HID projectors depending on trim/package level.  Both factory lighting systems are quite subpar in terms of performance and can be upgraded with our service/headlight package.  
We upgrade the factory halogen or HID projectors to an aftermarket HID or Bi-LED projector of your choosing which will yield significant improvement in output and visibility down the road, while maintaining that OEM finished appearance externally and internally like nothing was changed.  

Headlight Package Includes:
- New OE-style (replica) headlights
- Upgraded 3" Bi-LED projector with OEM+ fit and finish
- Expect a much sharper beam pattern with way better night time visibility

Style Package (optional):
- Optional Add-on Modifications are available