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Acura RDX (2013-2015) Headlight Package

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This is a headlight package for your Acura RDX (2013-2015 TB3). We build these on brand new OE-style headlights for a 100% turn key out of the box solution to permanently fix the common failure of the OEM headlights. 

The Problem with the Factory Headlights
Your original headlights from Acura have a very common flaw where over time the chrome reflector bowls in the projector begin to delaminate.  Once this happens, the lighting performance drops significantly and there is nothing that you can do to restore the light output.  The damage to the reflectivity inside the projector has been done and no amount of money put towards new bulbs or anything else will make any appreciable difference.  Buying new OEM headlights only guarantees that you run into this problem again in the future, it also is NOT a viable long term solution.

Our Solution  
We equip you with a brand new set of headlights with custom retrofitted LED-based projectors which does not suffer from this issue.  You will never have to deal with this problem again after purchasing our headlights.  The performance is easily 8-10x brighter than a set of new (undamaged) OEM headlights.  If your headlights have experienced chrome delamination, the increase is even more.

Headlight Package Includes:
- New OE-style headlights
- 3" Bi-LED projector retrofit with OEM+ fit and finish
- Expect a much sharper beam pattern with way better night time visibility

Style Package (optional):
- Optional Add-on Modifications are available