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BMW E90 3-series Sedan Headlight Package

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This headlight package is for Pre-LCI E90 3-series sedans.  These headlights are sealed with a very difficult to open sealant which mandates new lens replacements which are included in our pricing. 

You can either send in your original headlights for the work to be done on them, or we can acquire brand new OEM headlights for you (+$1500).

The factory D1S projectors do not have a viable upgrade path on the Pre-LCI E90 headlights.  We can improve the output by installing the ZKW-R lens and with proper tuning and shield modding, expect some increase in brightness out of the projectors and a much sharper and colorful cutoff.

Package Includes:
- Selected headlight option
- ZKW-R clear lens swap on factory projectors
- New headlight lenses

Optional Add-ons:
- Halo Upgrade
- More Add-On Modifications