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BMW E9X 3-series Coupe Pre-LCI & M3 Headlight Package

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While most companies out there will charge you 2-3 grand for a set of custom headlights, 99% of what we've seen out there is purely cosmetic.  Wow.  Given our motto of HIGH PERFORMANCE HEADLIGHT SOLUTIONS, we always prioritize light output over cosmetics.  Our E9X headlight package is the end-all solution to increasing the light output/performance AND getting the cosmetic upgrade you want.

These headlights are built on brand new OEM MM/AL Adaptive headlights, but we give you the option to supply your own for the modification for a price cut, of course.  New headlight option is bare, meaning no ballasts or cornering modules.  You must transfer your original ballasts/modules to the new lights.

The factory projectors are a 3in Bosch bixenon projector.  While it has a fairly bright center hotspot intensity, uniformity and width is extremely lacking.  This is true of most all euro projectors.  For the best visibility, a projector that will provide a uniform beam spread over a wide area is what you want.  We have two solutions to increase the light output...

The Solution:

  • ZKW-R lens swap (most "retrofitters" don't even do this!)

The budget option is simply doing a clear lens swap/tune on the OEM projectors.  This will give you a tad bit more intensity but have near zero improvment on width/distribution of light, you are still at the whim of the factory projector optics.

  • Projector Replacement

This is what you really want.  We will replace the OEM Bosch projector with a high performance aftermarket bixenon HID or Bi-LED projector, all AFS/adaptive headlight functions are retained and work as normal.

Package Includes:
Selected headlight option
Selected projector retrofit
Selected halo upgrade
"BMW Dynamic Xenon/Bi-LED" & "VisionAutoworks" decal * 
"BMW M" decal is optional * 
*only if shrouds are painted

Optional Upgrades:
New Headlight Lenses
Carbon Fiber Bezels (+3-4 week lead time)
Carbon Fiber Inner Eyebrows
Custom Painting
Cornering Light Clear Lens (Faux Quad)
Demon Eyes
Lens Etching
Headlight Protection Film
...and more