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BMW E9X M3 Switchback LED Sidemarkers

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These sidemarkers are built on either your supplied OEM units or brand new Genuine BMW units.  We do not use replica/replacement assemblies.  If you are a switchback fan, these are for you!  Offered in Switchback or Sequential Switchback, our custom modified units will give you White and Amber illumination from your sidemarkers.

Includes the LED housings only.  No trims are included.  They are shown in the photos for demonstration purposes only.

Your original housings are ultrasonically cut open and original LED board removed.  We then install a high output switchback strip.  The lens is then epoxied back into place.  Wires are run out of the original location, loomed, potted, and heatshrinked for a water-tight seal.  If you choose Smoked option we will apply vinyl tint film.

E9x M3 only or E9x 3-series with M fenders
08-13 E90 E92 E93 M3

How to Order:
Supply your own or choose new units.
Choose your Switchback type.
Leave lenses clear (stock) or we can smoke them (vinyl).

Install Guide: M3_Sidemarker.PDF
Please see install guide linked above. 
- Switchback: 1 wire (White) will need to be extended per side.
- Sequential Switchback:
 2 wires (Red & White) need to be extended per side.
The rest of the wiring is the same for both illumination options.

You must code angel eyes to maximum voltage/brightness.  Use NCSExpert or your favorite Bluetooth Coding app.