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Caliper Rebuild Service

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Rebuild: We now offer caliper rebuilding for OE and aftermarket.  Our experience with our TL-S retrofit caliper kit has given us a lot of time behind the wheel dismantling, rebuilding, and assembling calipers.  If your calipers are leaking or need a general refresh, the rebuild will cover replacement of all seals internal and external to the caliper.  We can rebuild most all aftermarket caliper brands such as StopTech, Brembo, Rotora, etc.

Bleeder Repair:
Common user mistake is cross threading the bleeder screws, if it's not going in straight, just STOP.  If you stripped out your bleeder screw threads, don't worry, the caliper is not trashed because we can fix it.  We can perform bleeder repair for additional $50 fee, per bleeder.  The threads will be repaired and a new bleeder will be provided.  We have performed this many times with 100% success.  Contact us after purchase to add this service.

 Add powdercoating if you want a factory new finish.  We will apply the applicable decal to restore the original look of your calipers.  All powdercoat options are now 2-stage for maximum durability.  Contact us for our in-stock colors.