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Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Conversion Kit

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1 available for PRE-ORDER.  ETA 3-5 weeks.  DO NOT ORDER IF YOU NEED THIS ASAP.

Priced for US-48 shipping only.  HI and AK additional shipping charges will be incurred.  If you are outside the US, calculated shipping charge is wrong.  Contact us for actual cost (it will be a lot higher).

The electronic power steering conversion is a popular modification installed on the RSX. Whether you need it for a supercharged application or simply want to clean up the engine bay and still retain power steering, we have what you need to complete this conversion.

We provide you with a completely matched of components - rack, bcu, and wiring - that is tested, cleaned, uncut, and guaranteed to be compatible out of the box and ready to install. No more troubles with racks not powering on, dead bcus, cut wiring, missing parts, and scouring the web for a specific component. 

Competitively priced with ensured operability, going for our EPS kit is a no-brainer. 

Due to increasing shipping costs, we can no longer afford to ship these racks with the inner tie rods attached. When installing, swap your original RSX inner tie rods onto your EPS rack. They are the same.

What's Included:
Honda Civic EPS rack
Matched BCU unit
Uncut wiring harness
Installation Instructions

Additional Parts:
To complete the conversion you must also purchase an OEM EP3 idler pulley+bracket or adjustable EP3 idler.  You will also need a shorter serpentine belt (EP3 spec).  Depending on your setup, the exact belt length you need may vary -- it's best to buy a few and test fit, or go with an adjustable idler.
- OEM Part #s: 31175-PRA-000, 31190-RRA-A00, 31185-PCX-003, 90031-PRA-000
- K-Tuned: https://k-tuned.3dcartstores.com/K-Tuned-Adjustable-EP3-Pulley-Kit-_p_992.html

EPS BCU will only work properly with low frequency VSS input.  05-06 models have high frequency VSS and must be converted to low frequency.  05-06 RSX must use a VSS Speed Signal Converter unless you are K-Pro'd.  Signal Converter Modules can be purchased from K-Tuned, Hybrid Racing, Dakota Digital, etc.  If you have K-Pro on your 05-06, you do not need a signal converter, simply tap the wires to the K-Pro jumper harness.