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Honda Accord (2016-2017) Headlight Performance & Style Package

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This is a headlight modification package for OEM Honda Accord (2016-2017) headlights.  We require your OEM headlights sent in for these modifications.  After our modifications, your headlights will have better lighting performance and customized styling, best of both worlds.

Option to include and build on new headlights available, choose appropriate option.

Performance Package (required):
- 4TL-R bixenon projector swap
- Morimoto XB35 HID kit with HD relay harness
- Improved beam sharpness, color, width, and overall performance

Styling Options:
- Demon Eyes
- Halos
- Bezel painting
- High beam tinting
- ... and more!

To purchase Styling options, proceed to: Headlight Package Add-on Modifications