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Lens Restoration Service

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This is an add-on service for a Headlight Package.  We do not sell this service by itself.  You must have a headlight package in cart to receive this service.

Sending in some hazed, pitted, cloudy headlights for us to modify?  Blurry lenses will significantly reduce light output depending on the severity. 

Purchase our Lens Restoration Service and ensure that your newly modified headlights actually LOOK and perform as close to new when you receive them. 

Damage to the inside of the lens is non-repairable.  Our service covers refinishing of the exterior of the lens.  If your lenses have bad wear on the inside, even with an exterior refinish, they will look much better than before, as most of the yellowing will be on the outside. 

Our process is complete sanding of the headlight lens removing all original clearcoat and as much yellowing as possible.  The lenses are then re-cleared using automotive 2K clearcoat.

We recommend adding Headlight Protection Film and/or Ceramic Coating for further protection.