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Mugen SS Wing Riser Brackets (Honda S2000)

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In stock ready to ship.  Any coating will add ~1 week to processing time.

This product ships FREE to US-48.  Other locations will pay additional shipping costs.  Contact us before purchasing if you are outside US-48.

New for 2020 are our wing riser brackets for the Mugen SS GT wing for Honda S2000 application.  Fits all replica variants VIS and Seibon.  The factory stands to most are too low.  Aftermarket risers are available but they end up raising the wing right in the middle of your rear glass blocking visibility.  The aftermarket risers we have seen are also made from very thin 6061 aluminum, not very strong.

We now offer two sizes: 175mm and 250mm.

Our solution is a riser bracket approximately 250mm tall which will cure the rear visibility.  The 250mm height will place the wing approximately level to roofline.  We also offer a 175mm height version which is the typical size found with other brands.

These are machined from steel approximately 2mm thick, not too thin, not too thick.  These are much stronger than the other aftermarket riser options out there which are typically made from aluminum.

100% made-in-the-USA using high quality composites and metals, CNC cut on an industrial high power laser machine, this product is cut to extremely precise tolerances and specifications. 

Go with our product and you'll have a rock-solid bracket that will not flex on the track or during that spirited mountain run, will not be weaker than the stock, and we guarantee a 100% factory fit and attractive finished appearance.

Because these brackets are steel we highly recommend a coating to be applied either by us or by yourself when you receive them.  

Cerakote: We can Cerakote your wingstands for a very strong finish.  Cerakote is a ceramic epoxy based paint which is much stronger than any type of paint, the coating resists scratching and will not chip/flake/wear, Cerakote is typically used on firearms.  We have many common colors available.  Your part is sandblasted, degreased, gassed out, painted, then oven cured.

Paint: Paint is a cheaper option than Cerakote.  W
e use a high-temp resistant paint which is also oven cured, it is stronger than your typical aerosol "spray paints".

Carbon Fiber:  We can produce your wingstands with different weave patterns and colors.  Please contact us with your specific request for a quote.  Prices will vary.

Anodizing: Anodized Titanium wingstands are hand anodized and the process is highly randomized, thus finished colors may vary.  Expect varying degrees of blue and purple within the metal when finished.  Two sets are shown for your reference.  **CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**

Need a custom size or design? Contact Us for a quote.