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Nissan 370z Headlight Performance & Style Package

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This is a headlight modification package for OEM Nissan 370z headlights.  We require your OEM headlights sent in for these modifications.  After our modifications, your headlights will have better lighting performance and customized styling, best of both worlds.

We can acquire brand new OEM headlights to build on for additional cost (~ $1400-1650).  Please Contact Us for more information.

Performance Package (required):
- OEM projector tuning with STi-R Clear Lens swap
- Crisper cutoff line, sharper beam, and color flicker
(OEM vs clear lens swap+tuned projector shown in Photo #2)

Style Package (optional):
- New Headlight Lens
- Halos mounted on front of shroud
- Morimoto Z-DRL switchback boards 
- Bezel/shroud painting (semi-gloss/flat black/1 or 2 tone colors)
- More optional Add-on Modifications