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ParadigmPCF Carbon Fiber Exhaust Heatshields (Acura RSX)

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We are an authorized dealer for ParadigmPCF Carbon Fiber products.  This custom made carbon fiber heatshield is fitted for 02-06 Acura RSX.  Choose your correct application fitment in the drop down list.

Protect your paint and lip/bumper combo with Paradigm PCF’s heat shield! All heat shields are 100% made from a high quality 3k carbon fiber weaving. This part was created from a casting of the original OEM part and has been test fit/installed, ensuring quality of its fitment and durability. Easily install these with fasteners/screws/rivets with 3M tape (not included) for an extra safety measure.

02-04 OE, Mugen, and Type-R fitments coming Summer 2018.