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BMW X3 (E83: 2003-2010) Headlight Package

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These headlights are built on brand new OEM (MM) halogen headlights included in price.  We can also use "Euro-spec" clear corner lights instead for an additional $250 charge.
To add modification options to your headlight package, proceed to our Headlight Package Add-on Modifications page and add these to your cart separately. 

Package Includes:
New OEM halogen-spec headlights
Mini H1 bixenon projector retrofit
Iris/E46-R Ext shrouds (for best fit and factory appearance)
Morimoto XB35 H1 HID kit with HD relay harness

Optional Upgrades:
E83 X3-specific CCFL angel eyes/halo rings for perfect fitment
Quad Retrofit Upgrade
Remote On/Off DRL wiring harness for angel eyes/halo rings (purchase here)

Remote On/Off DRL Relay Harness with CCFL halos