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Ceramic Nano Coating Headlight Protection

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Let's face it.  Everyone despises cloudy, pitted, hazed headlights.  Over a long period of time, this will happen to all headlights if they are not protected.  If your vehicle is not garaged and sits out in the sun all day, this will happen even faster. 

Lately, ceramic coatings have been the "hot" detailer's item in the market to protect all areas of the vehicle.  These specialized coatings will prevent UV damage and protect the headlight lens with a hard ceramic layer.  An alternative to our Headlight Protection Film, this is a great option as well as some do not like the film.  Ceramic coating is near 100% optically transparent and will not affect clarity.  Best applied while the headlights are brand new.

We install industry leading ceramic coatings.  Avoid washing the car/exposing the lights to moisture for the first week to ensure a complete bond.

Due to the different sizing of headlights, there may be additional charges if your headlights are "over-size".  We will contact you if there are additional fees.