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Clear Headlight Protection Film Installation

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Let's face it.  Everyone despises cloudy, pitted, hazed headlights.  Over a long period of time, this will happen to all headlights if they are not protected.  If your vehicle is not garaged and sits out in the sun all day, this will happen even faster. 

Luckily, we carry several brands of headlight protection film which provides a strong protection layer on top of your headlights to combat any physical and UV damage.  Add headlight protection film and your investment from long term damage by adding our installation service.

Films are offered only in clear.

If you are not a fan of films, check out our Ceramic Nano Coating Headlight Protection which is a great alternative to film.

We install Lamin-X and 3M films.  The film takes several weeks to fully cure/bond and rid itself of any remaining moisture/bubbles from the installation process.  It is normal to see these initially, but will go away over time.

Due to the different sizing of headlights, there may be additional charges if your headlights are "over-size".  We will contact you if there are additional fees.

Headlight lenses with curves (not flat) may have small wrinkles with headlight film applied.  If you do not want this, please choose the Ceramic Nano Coating protection option.