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Honda CR-Z (2011-2016) Headlight Performance & Style Package

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This is a headlight modification package for OEM Honda CR-Z (2011-2016) headlights.  We require your OEM headlights sent in for these modifications, but offer an option to acquire brand new lights.  After our modifications, your headlights will have better lighting performance and customized styling, best of both worlds.

Your CR-Z headlights are either H11 halogen or D4S HID.  The base package includes a clear lens swap on your existing projectors, which will improve cutoff sharpness and give a blue/purple rich colorband.  If you have halogen model lights (base model CR-Z), you have an option to include a HID kit with your purchase (recommended).  If you have factory HID (EX model), there is no need for a HID kit, but we do offer D2S bulb upgrades which will make a difference over the stock D4S bulbs.

Performance Package (required):
- OEM H11 or D4S (factory HID) projectors clear lens swapped & tuned
- Increased beam sharpness, clarity, and rich colorband

New Headlights:
We can acquire brand new OEM headlights for you if sending in your existing pair is not possible.  HID version headlights DO NOT come with ballasts or HID bulbs, you will have to transfer those components over.  Accessory bulbs (turn signal, high beam, etc.) are included with both headlight variants.  Mounting brackets are not included and will have to be transferred over.

- Hylux H11 HID kit (for halogen headlights only)
- Amber DRL Modification (for LED DRL equipped headlights only)

Styling Options:
- Demon Eyes
- Halos
- Bezel painting
- High beam tinting
- ... and more!

To purchase Styling options, proceed to: Headlight Package Add-on Modifications